August 28, 2012

Onam Sadya

Image Credit - ezhuthukari
Every year I ask Amma what she is making for Onam. I ask my sister the same and then I start planning my own sadya. This year I've decided to list out some of the traditional Onam dishes and add the recipes slowly over time. This festive lunch is eaten on a banana leaf (instead of a plate) in company of family and friends. Onashamsakal to all!

Inji (Ginger) Curry
Naranga (Lemon) Curry
Beetroot Pachadi
Kathirikka (Eggplant) Pachadi

Paarupu (Arhar Dal, Yellow Lentil) Curry
Ulli Theeyal (or Pavakka Theeyal)
Ethakka (Plantain) Kaalan
Erissery (Red Beans and Pumpkin)
Vellarikka (Cucumber) Pullissery
(or Pineapple Pullissery)
Ulli Theeyal
Achinga Payar Thoran

White Rice
Sides - Uperi, Pappadam, Sharkara Varatti, Maanga Pickle
Dessert - Paruppu (or Cherupayar) Payasam, Ada Payasam, Seviyan Payasam


  1. Hello Amede Mol

    Achante mole alley??

    Anyway my heart felt onam messages to Amede Mol.

  2. It's indeed wonderful to celebrate Onam. You can almost feel the mirth and enjoyment even you're away or not a Malayalee. I may not be a Kerala people but I feel the fun in celebrating this occasion.

    Happy Onam!